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Unlock the Body 

of You​r Dreams

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Choose our Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical Options 

Eager to achieve that shapely figure you’ve always wanted but feeling wary about having to go under the knife? Worry no more, for there are non-invasive and non-surgical solutions available to you at Vegas Body Boutiques. All treatments require no downtime and are much more cost effective than surgery

We offer same-day services at our Las Vegas, Nevada facility. The outcomes of our treatments may vary, but for optimal results, we recommend our clients to undergo more than one session.

Organic Miracle Wrap (OMW) 

$150 per 1-Area Treatment

The cream we have created out of fruits and vegetables shrinks body fat instantly. You lose 2 to 14 inches of fat in just 45 minutes. This can be used on the arms, legs, chin, abdomen, back, breast, and other areas where there are unwanted fat deposits. Our cream does not induce heat, cold, or dehydration.

One Area (1A)

Your Body Goals Achieved

Aggressive Perfecting Pre-Lift (APPL) 

$150 per Full Back Side Treatment 

Vacuum therapy treatment moves fat and contours unwanted fat rolls, stretch marks, and visible cellulite. It also promotes healthy circulation, improves tissue oxygenation, and reduces fibrosis. The treatment is done in body areas including the ankles, shoulders, and the back side. 

This invasive therapy doesn’t leave scars. It works by performing sucking motions that allow the mobilization of toxins and fat cells under the skin. As a result, the toxins and fat cells are eliminated by the lymphatic and blood systems effectively. 

Perfecting Pre-Lift (PPL) 

$100 per 1-Area Treatment 

This light vacuum therapy contours the body with minimal bruising. Fat deposits are gently pulled from the waist to the buttocks area. As the buttocks get a lift, your body achieves an hourglass figure. Requiring no downtime, the treatment works well in combination with the Organic Miracle Wrap.

Butt Enhancement (BE) 

$99 per 1-Area Treatment 

Enhance your butt profile naturally and regenerate muscle tissue without having to do squats or undergo invasive surgery. This is done in 3 areas of the buttocks (upper top, lower cuff, and the full middle) in one day. Even with prior BBLs, you are able to keep the butt area firm and round after only an hour of luxurious treatment.

Breast Enhancement (BRE)

$100 both breasts included

This gentle therapy helps increase cup size without damaging the breast tissue. BRE therapy also helps lift the breast naturally after childbirth, and it is applicable to women eager to have a fuller bust size as well. Relax in one of our private suites and drink Voss bottled water or any beverage of your choice as we perform this treatment.

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

starting at $750 per two small sections

This procedure is known to freeze and destroy fat cells. It involves non-invasive cooling of body fat to break down the cells without damage to other tissues. This procedure is FDA-cleared.

Circulation Therapy (CT)

$200 per Full-Body Treatment 

Detoxify your body and improve circulation within your lymphatic system through this treatment. Afterward, you will feel energized and rejuvenated. Relax and listen to your choice of soothing music in one of our suites while you receive our full oil treatment to hydrate the skin.

Hips Enhancement (HE)

$175 per Treatment 

Your hips become fuller in just 45 minutes as we contour and shape them to give your waist a slimmer silhouette. We focus on all sizes and contour your hips to resemble your favorite celebrity. Additionally, we thin out the inner thigh areas.

Skin Tightening, Cavitation and High Radio Frequency

$150 per Treatment 

(Skin Tightening) is an non-surgical procedure for face and body using target energy to heat deeper layers of skin, which stimulates collagen and elastic production and gradually improves skin tone and texture. (Cavaitation) treatment targets specific body areas with low-frequency sound waves and light suction. This process vibrates the layer of fat cells below skin surface that is then released through the lymphatic system. (High Radio Frequency) gives immediate tightening of the collagen fibers, promoting lifting and breaking down of unwanted fat cells to rejuvenate the skin to an youthful glow. We will discuss the body areas you would like to improve and create a plan designed just for you. We take before-and-after pictures and measurements to determine the ideal solution for your body type and specific goals.

Want To Learn?

$2500 We Heard You

We are the original Vacuum Therapy, our owner designed perfecting pre-lift. This can be your way to earning a great income from home or store front. Our four hour class consist of watching one of our techs preform the basics to vacuum therapy. Don't wait call today and start learning! This is a online or in person class. 

*Please note, this class cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, or promotions. This class is non refundable as all of our services. This class does not include any equipment of any kind nor does it license you. This class only provides certification, and must be checked for your states laws and regulations, purchases are final. Class promises are 60 days value. Void after 60 days if not used. Management reserves all rights. Vegas Body Boutiques reserves the right to discontinue class due to bullying, violence, threat's or misconduct to other student's, techs, or model's.

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